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Karen Geiszler

Founder, KG Beauty & Modality Training

Karen Geiszler is a remarkable professional in the field of beauty and aesthetics for over 30 years. As a Clinical Educator and the visionary behind KG Beauty Modality Training, Karen has dedicated herself to empowering others and raising the standards of excellence in the industry.

With an impressive array of qualifications and expertise, Karen is a true trailblazer.

Karen’s vast knowledge and skill set have made her a trusted authority in the field, enabling her to provide exceptional training and education to aspiring beauty professionals. Through KG Beauty & Modality Training, she has successfully nurtured countless individuals, equipping them with the tools and expertise needed to excel in their careers.

Discover how KG Beauty & Modality Training can help you. Book a Discovery Call today by clicking the link in the bio or visit https://www.kgbeautyandmodalitytraining.com.au/!

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