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Dr Tanya Unni

Founder, Dr Tanya Skincare

Dr Tanya Unni is an entrepreneur, physician, mother, and skincare specialist, who advocates a holistic approach for enhanced wellbeing. With her GP credentials, she co-founded Amtan Medical alongside her husband in 2010, now a reputable Gold Coast brand with 8 award-winning medical centres. Evolving from GP to skincare brand founder, Dr Tanya ventured into developing medical-grade self-care by creating the Dr Tanya Skincare brand, which blends her medical expertise and Indian heritage for an Ayurvedic-inspired, holistic skincare experience. In 2022 she opened the Dr Tanya Skin Clinic, offering bespoke, results-driven skin solutions. Dr Tanya’s entrepreneurial journey showcases her commitment to holistic health and innovative skincare solutions.

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