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Dr. Steven Liew


Dr. Steven Liew is a highly esteemed plastic surgeon and aesthetics practitioner, who is both Founder and Chief Medical Officer at his well-established Shape Clinic in Sydney, as well as being a world-renowned expert in his field.

This self-professed geek is reshaping, not only the faces of the elite, but the cosmetics industry as a whole. With a belief that through educating one another in the industry, we can help everybody to generate outstanding results – growing and restructuring the market itself. To support his vision, Dr. Liew launched the Complete Face App – the “world’s first digital encyclopaedia on facial injectables”. The app supports experts in the field to help them understand facial anatomy and the pivotal role it plays within their work. This is typical of the type of surgeon Dr Liew is. He dedicates himself to his patients with a conviction to educate his competitors to improve their work too. He gives everybody the chance to let their reflection represent the person they see inside themselves.

From an early career specialising in face and breast surgery, achieving natural-looking results for his clients, Dr Liew has gone on to develop some never before seen, non-invasive procedures; gaining him an international reputation in his field. Dr. Steven Liew’s revolutionary techniques have transformed undesired facial shapes using non-surgical methods, which have since gone on to have a ground-breaking impact. He redefined the cosmetic industry through the “The Liew Lift” which is now being adopted for modern facial enhancement procedures worldwide.

With a plethora of credentials, Dr. Steven Liew’s accreditation speaks for itself, but more so than the letters behind his name, Dr. Liew doesn’t let his certificates restrict his work. He is a visionary who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and lets his curious nature steer him into unknown territories so that he can continue redefining the cosmetics industry and creating pioneering results and techniques for experts and clients alike.

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