Amanda Foxon-Hill

Consultant Cosmetic Chemist

Amanda Foxon-Hill is a Consultant Cosmetic Chemist with over 22 years of industry experience that is put to good use each Thursday at the New Directions Technical Help Desk.

Amanda’s career started in the UK where she was involved in ingredient design, manufacturing, European business development and technical sales. Since moving to Australia, Amanda continued her work in the cosmetics industry as a product manager and technical expert before setting up her consulting business in 2007. A key part of Amanda’s consulting work involves her teaching cosmetic chemistry to brand owners in a way that helps them understand the science behind their products and unlock their brand or business’s potential.

Amanda is also a prolific writer and researcher and in her spare time she produces video content for NDTV. She has a Chemistry degree, Cosmetic Science Diploma and is studying for a Masters in degree in chemistry teaching.