Speakers, Panellists and Moderators

These industry experts provided inspiring talks, innovative ideas, and engaging conversations during the 2020 summit to help you take your beauty business to the next level.

Sarah Hudson

Founder & Director Skin by Sarah Hudson

Sarah Hudson, our MC of the day, is one of Australia’s most trusted and experienced skin experts. A Skin Practitioner who, as a leader in aesthetic skin therapy, has provided premium skin services to valued clients for over twenty-five years. Frequently invited to share her knowledge at industry events, seminars, media and panels, Sarah is renowned for her expertise in RF Skin Needling, IPL and Medical Grade Laser, Infra-Red Technology and LED Light Therapies. She is frequently featured in industry and consumer media in print, digital and television.

Sarah’s reputation for excellence in skin therapy stems  from her emphasis best practice procedures. She invests in high-level training and qualifications to maintain a broad and in-depth knowledge of skin physiology and conditions. She is also trusted by well-known Dermatology and Plastic Surgery clinics and is regularly called upon to complement and advise on best practices in skin health.

Sam Penny

Inspirational speaker, Entrepreneur and Extreme Swimmer

Sam Penny, this year’s Keynote speaker, is someone who believes anything is possible and lets nothing stand in his way. Sam has overcome some of his biggest fears to chase his dreams, including being the first person in the world to attempt swimming the English Channel in Winter.

He has created Australia’s number one cheese club, a top-selling pharmacy medical device and sold more than $1 million of beauty products on live TV. He has been an engineer, an army officer, owned a chain of hair salons as well as handing out Federal Government grants for R&D.

Sam has proven time and time again that everything is possible if you have the passion for it.

Dr Steven Liew 

Founder Shape Clinic,
Medical Director

Emma Hobson 

Director Education of

Tony de Leede 

Wellness Entrepreneur,
Founder Fitness First

Victoria Curtis 

Owner-founder of
Victoria Curtis Cosmetics

Dr. Clara Hurst 

Cosmetic Doctor,
Owner Blanc Skin

Dr. Nora 

Cosmetic Doctor, 
General Practitioner 

Maxine Horne 

Co-founder & CEO
Vita Group

Dr. Sean Arendse

Founder & Director Flawless
Rejuvenation Skin Clinics 

Anni Diamond 

The Salon Expert

Dr. Josh Wall 

Medical Director
Contour Clinics

Daniel Rubinstein 

Co-founder & MD
ESK Care and Aurora Care

Naomi Gregory

Founder Spa Sessions

Nancy Francis 

Cosmetic Chemist &
Founder Epilab

Natalie Maugeri 

Skin & Laser Therapist
Northern Skin Studio

Daniela Costa

Owner Daniela
Costa Beauty

Nikki L’wren 

Spa + Salon Divas

Paul Frasca 

Co-founder & Managing
Director Sustainable Salons

Amanda Foxon-Hill 

Consultant Cosmetic Chemist
New Directions